L. Mark Express 

The Legend in Moving

Prohibition and Restriction
Import and Export

Prohibition on Import

1) Dangerous Drugs

2) Arms and ammunitions

3) Fire Crackers (Known as double bangers)

4) Cigarettes without health warning written on their package.

Restriction on Import

1) Any living plant or planting material.

2) Live cattle and birds.

3) Pin table, fruit machines, slot machines and any other tables or machines of a like nature whether involving an element of change or not.

4) Poisons and deleterious drugs.

5) Rice paddy and the products thereof.

6) Sugar and converted timber.

7) Motorcars, motorcycles, Lorries, omnibuses including mini buses, tractor and trailers.

8) Alcoholic liquors.

9) Any radioactive materials.

Prohibition on Export

1) Stone or Gravel

Restriction on Export

1) Rice, paddy and product thereof.

2) Timber Class 1A, 1B, 1C, Nibong, Rattans.

3) Article of an antique or historical nature made or discovered in Brunei Darussalam.

4) Kerosene.

5) Cigarettes.

6)  Sugar

7)  Premium and Regular Gasoline.

8)  Diesoline.